Natural Wood Prints

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Our matte maple panels are a natural way to display your artwork without losing any detail. The beauty of the grain appears through lighter areas of your image, giving the image an extremely soft, warm feel that’s unique with every print. Sizes 8” x 10” and smaller have dual keyhole & kickstand. Size 10” x 10” and larger are only available with two keyholes.

Matte clear natural maple wood with natural finished face and edges for an organic look on real maple. Thickness: .625”

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Our matte clear natural maple wood panel has naturally finished edges and face creating an organic look on actual maple with a thickness of .625”. They have excellent color brilliance, are easy to clean, scratch-resistant, and fade resistant.

Mounting Options

Natural wood prints 8” x 10” and smaller have dual keyholes & kickstand. Sizes 10” x 10” and larger are available with two keyholes only.

Creating Your Piece

Similar to our metal prints, your piece starts with the best printers around. We use Epson printers and constantly review the color quality, assuring your artwork is as vibrant as possible. Your art is printed onto a transfer paper with special inks. Next, using a heat press, the inks are bonded into the surface coating of the ChromaLuxe natural maple wood panel. Once finished, the beautiful grain appears through lighter areas of your image, giving the image an extremely soft, warm feel.

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How We Crop Your Artwork

Once you’ve determined the size you can print your art, make sure your artwork is cropped correctly for your order. After the artwork is uploaded, our team will process your piece for printing. If your artwork is not cropped correctly, it will be cropped from the center to fit the purchased size. Due to the different aspect ratios 5:4 (green), 5:7 (yellow), 3:2 (red), and 1:1 (pink) of images, this cropping may result in a loss of information in your artwork. Please review our graphic to help illustrate the differences.


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